For Sale – Leech 650

Carbon Fiber 6.5m Racing Yacht

$25,000 NZD


Built by Sailing Gallery NZ, Itay Simhony


  • LOA 6.5m
  • BOA 2.3m
  • Draft 1.8m
  • Sailing Displacement 650kg inc. 4 crew
  • Sails by Doyle – black Stratis
  • Mainsail 19m2
  • Jib 7.8m2
  • Spinnaker 53m2
  • Mast – High Modulus Carbon by NZ Rigging
  • Carbon twin spreader rig
  • Carbon boom
  • Large carbon prod – kite Shute
  • Rigging – Composite fibres
  • Harken and Ronstan deck hardware
  • Lifting keel with 75kg Lead bulb
  • Road trailer
  • Design by Dan Leech and Itay Simhony
  • Built by Sailing Gallery NZ
  • Full Carbon fibre sandwich construction
  • Sale price – NZD $25,000

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A lot of what has been learnt through our successful skiff designs has gone into creating this exciting new sport boat. While the aft sections are reasonably flat and wide for high speed planning and to help with form stability, cares has been taken with the prismatic coefficient not to over-do this, and make downwind sailing easy.

Features include a retracting, gybing keel, retracting prod, storage lockers beside the keel (one for outboard engine) and main sail boom sheeting.

The L650 is a great all round boat that has proven it has excellent race winning performance and also has very good handling characteristics. Some of the current owners of these boats range in age right up to almost 80 years old and of all sailing abilities. We also came with the idea to have a unique artistic painting job for each boat in order to make it personal appealing to our culturally interested market segment.

Executive Summary
Since the early 1990’s carbon fiber has been synonymous with light weight high performance sporting vessels and equipment such as the America’s Cup, Formula 1 cars and other grand prix race craft. Its incredible physical properties combined with its chic black look have made it a staple for all serious sports teams and later trickled down to home interior and exterior furniture.

As understandings of the material and manufacturing techniques have risen, so has the demand from private and commercial ventures who seek to increase performance, or image.

Performance comparison

The Leech 650 Sailing Gallery hull #1 and the Mini sharing the highest horsepower to weight ratio, however the Mini is much heavier to WL length.