ASBA CBH National Champions

2023- Lickety Split- Graham Sherring- Shaw 650

ASBA SMS National Champions

2022- Re Heat - Luke Ratcliff - Reo 7.2

2021 - 6 Pac - Graham Turner - Thompson 8

2020 – The Stig – Malcolm Dean – Shaw 650

2019 – The Stig – Malcolm Dean – Shaw 650

2018 – Reo Speedwagon – Andrew York – Reo 7.2

2017 – Reo Speedwagon – Andrew York – Reo 7.2

2016 – Stay Tuned -Graham Sherring – Leech 650

2015 – Zippier – Andrew Waugh – Thompson 8

2014 – Fang – Tim Reger – Viper 640

2013 – Zippier – Andrew Waugh – Thompson 8

2012 – Kaito – Heath Townsend  – Melges 24

2011 – Blokes World – Brett Whitbread – Egan 7.27

2010 – Evergreen – Michael Green – Elliot 7

2009 – Mako Melges – Heath Walters – Melges 24

2008 – Team G.U.E – Chris Williams  – Thompson 7

ASBA LTP National Champions

2023- BRE- Peter Coulam-Elliott 780

2022- Tickety Boo - Stuart Innes- Shaw 650

2021 - BRE - Peter Coulam - Elliott 780

2020 - Depthcharge Ethel - Andrew Clauson - Leech 650

ASBA Regatta Schedule

2023 National Regatta Schedule

Current Regattas and Results

EVENTDATERegatta WebsiteRace DocumentsNotice to CompetitorsENTER EVENTENTRANTSRESULTS
Surf to City Queensland Cruising Yacht Club21st January 2023Regatta WebsiteNOREnter EventEntrantsResults
2023 ASBA National Titles at the Moreton Bay Trailer Boat Club in Queensland24th to 26th February 2023Regatta WebsiteNOREnter EventEntrantsResults
The Teakle Classic Lincoln Regatta20th to 23rd February 2023Regatta WebsiteNOREnter EventEntrantsResults
Sydney Harbour Regatta 4th to 5th March 2023Regatta WebsiteRace Documents
Marley Point Overnight Race11th to 12th March 2023Regatta WebsiteRace DocumentsEnter Event
Bay to Bay 29-30th April 2023Regatta WebsiteRace DocumentsEnter Event
Sail Port Stephens at Port Stephens Yacht Club19,20 and 21st May 2023Regatta WebsiteNOREnter Event
Canipa Cup27-28th May 2023Regatta WebsiteRace DocumentsEnter Event
Keep it Kool Regatta Lake Keepit10th to 12th June 2023
Airlie Beach Race Week10th to the 17th August 2023Regatta WebsiteRace Documents
ASBA ShellHarbour Marina Regatta. TBC Moved to November 2023

State and National Title Race Reports from the President

 Race reports from ASBA members

Previous Regattas and Results 

NSW Police & Emergency Services Sailing Club to be held at the Royal Motor Yacht Club Toronto NSW Saturday 12th to Tuesday 15th November 2022NOR
Airlie Race Week 202211th to18th August 2022


Mick Hole Winter OD & Sports Boat Regatta RPAYCMick Hole Winter OD & Sports Boat Regatta RPAYC
Australian Sports Boat National Titles 2022 at Port Stephens Yacht Club
26th to 29th May 2022 NOR
ASBA NSW State Titles at Lake Illawarra Yacht Club 202215th and 16th January 2022NOR

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Brisbane Sailing squadron's

Saturday 28th August 2021NOREnter NowEntrants
2021 Airlie Beach Race Week12th-19th August 2021NOREnter NowEntrants
2021 ASBA QLD State Titles 27th to the 28th June 2021NOR
Notice to Competitor 1 Change in SIs
Notice to Competitor 2 Change in SIs
Notice to Competitor Change in SIs For QLD Titles
Info QLD Boarder Pass

EntrantsSMS Results
LTP Results
2021 ASBA National Titles New date of 25th to the 28th June 2021NOR
Notice to Competitor 1 Change in SIs
Notice to Competitor 2 Change in SIs
Info QLD Boarder Pass

Enter NowEntrantsResults
2021 Bay to Bay 1st & 2nd of May 2021NOREnter NowEntrantsResults
2021 Sail Port Stephens-NSW ASBA State Titles19th to 25th April 2021NOR
Sailing Instructions
Notice to CompetitorsEnter NowEntrantsResults
2021 Marlay Point Overnight Race6th March 2021NOR & SIs
Enter NowEntrantsResults
2021 Surf to City16th January 2021NOR
Enter NowResults
2020 QLD State Titles28th and 29th November 2020Sailing InstructionsCovid 19 Notice
Enter NowEntrantsResults
2020 Airlie Beach Race Week6th - 13th August 2020NOREnter NowEntrantsResults
Sports Boats Saturdays at RQYS2019/2020 seasonNOREnter NowResults
2020 NSW State Titles, Sail Port Stephens 1st - 3rd of May 2020NOREnter NowEntrantsRegatta Canceled
COVID 19 outbreak
2020 Bay to Bay 2nd - 3rd of May 2020NOREnter NowEntrantsRegatta Canceled
COVID 19 outbreak
2020 Festival Of Sails 25th - 27th January 2020NOREnter NowEntrantsNo Results
2020 Surf To City1st February 2020NOREnter NowEntrantsResults
2020 - ASBA National Titles16th - 20th of February 2020NOR
Sailing Instructions
Notice to competitors 1 Nationals 2020
Notice to competitors 1 Nationals 2020
Enter NowEntrantsResults
2020 Marlay Point Overnight Race 7th of March 2020NOREnter NowEntrantsResults Via Regatta website
2020 Sydney Harbour Regatta 7th & 8th March 2020NOREnter NowEntrantsResults
2019 QLD State Titles20th - 22nd September 2019NOR
Sailing Instructions
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All Races
2019 Airlie Beach Race Week8th - 15th August 2019NOREnter NowEntrantsResults