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SMS Rating

The Australian Sports Boat Association has adopted SMS™ as its primary handicapping system. SMS is the Sports Boat Measurement System developed by Yacht Racing Services Association (YRSA). SMS is a derivative of AMS. The SMS Year runs from October 1 to September 30 each year. A boat’s SMS needs to be valid at the time of racing and therefore needs to be re-validated each year.

The SMS ratings are based on measurement of the hull, displacement, and sail measurements of the vessel and a time on time rating is calculated. This rating is applied to the elapsed time of the boat to obtain its corrected time for the race.

SMS has been split off from the rest of the AMS population to allow for development of the system to better recognise the unique characteristics of sports boats. This system will be developed over time to ensure it best meets the needs of sports boat sailors in Australia.

The Australian Sports Boat Association's technical committee discusses feedback from members and presents this to the YRSA Measurement and Handicapping Committee to ensure that the formula is developed through direct input of the Australia sports boat sailing community and The Australian Sports Boat Association members.

All the information on SMS, including online Re-validation of your SMS & the SMS Year Book can be found on the YRSA web site HERE


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