ASBA Boat Profile

"The Stig" Shaw 650


Boat Name: The Stig 

Boat Design: Shaw 650

Owner: Malcolm Dean

Crew: Malcom with Andrew, John and Israel

Sail Maker: Doyle Sails

Owners comments to ASBA: Malcom purchased the boat early in 2019 then came out and won the Australian Sports Boat National titles following it up with a second at Airlie race week and first at the Queensland State titles. 12 months later he then won the 2020 Australian titles at Lake Macquarie.

“My highlight so far has been wearing a New South Wales jersey holding the Queensland State title trophy”

Malcom has had a long sailing relationship with Andrew and the only reason these two got into sports boats was because the Morissett bowling club shut down and they had nothing to do on a Saturday. Another possible reason is because Andrew and Malcolm prefer to do day sailing rather than the offshore stuff where Malcolm has been referred to as cardboard (going soft when it rains).

Australian Sports Boat Association Boat Profile