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"Situation Normal" Shaw 650


Boat Name: Situation Normal

Boat Design: Shaw 650

Owner: Jamie Berndt

Crew: Barry Berndt (skipper) Cayley Berndt (Jib and front end)

Sail Maker: Evolution Sails Gold Coast (working sails) Norths Brisbane (spinnakers)

Owners comments to ASBA: SNAFU is the 2nd Sports Boat I have owned and sail with my family. Barry has sailed since he was a kid and I follow that path also. Sailing a MG14 out of Hervey Bay for many years we moved on to my 1st Sports Boat “Rip It Up” a Knuckles 6m. About 5 years in her and many fun times we had to move on and the Shaw 650 directly in my sights. We picked SNAFU up from Gladstone March 2016 and won our 1st regatta which was the Bay to Bay in May 2016. The Boat has always showed promise and we are still getting our act together to catch Malcolm on “The Stig”. But I wont stop trying. Racing in QLD, we have good quality racing in the SE corner with the Brisbane lads at RQYS Sports Boat Saturday’s and also when we venture to Bundaberg to race the 4 Viper 640’s. Airlie Race Week has been a highlight on the boat getting a 2nd over all with a fresh and frightening spinnaker run of 22.7kts. My aim is to keep sailing these fantastic boats while running and helping the ASBA.

Have a look at the Youtube Video sailing at ABRW 2018.

Australian Sports Boat Association Boat Profile
Australian Sports Boat Association Boat Profile