ASBA Boat Profile

"REO Speedwagon" REO 7.7


Boat Name: REO Speedwagon

Boat Design: REO 7.7m

Owner: Andrew York

Crew: Andrew, Felix Prince on main, Mike Erlin and Greg Muirhead up forward.

Sail Maker: Ullman Sails Sydney “Bruce Hollis”

Owners comments to ASBA: After many years of sailing the REO 7.2 m the REO 7.7m was designed by Andrew to be a International One Design class. There are currently two boats on the east coast of Australia and more to follow out of the factory in Turkey.

”The REO 7.7m has more sail area than the 7.2m to improve its light air performance. I am very happy with the boat and build quality and look forward to driving it hard at these titles”.

Have a look at the Youtube Video sailing at ABRW 2019.

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