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"Re-Heat" REO 7.2


Boat Name: Re-Heat

Boat Design: REO 7.2m

Owner: Luke and Paul Ratcliff

Crew: Coach - Geoff in spirit, Main- Paul Ratcliff, Front- Andrew Cochrane Ring ins- Brett and Penny from Belmont, A bunch of Ratcliffs- William,Tyler,Kristin,Jessica, Harley, and Kristen. Next apprentices are Cassie and Rylie.

Sail Maker: David Alexander Sails

Owners comments to ASBA: The Ratcliffs have purchased REO Speedwagon 7.2 m and named her Re Heat. Andrew York has won 2 previous ASBA nationals with this boat. Designed and built by Andrew as the development boat prior to the release of the REO Speedwagon 7.7 m in July 2019.  

We intend to do as many ASBA events as possible with combined family and friends. It will be a lot of fun. We have enjoyed our previous sports boat Heat a Viper 640 and look forward to sailing this girl as well as Andrew did.

Current SMS certificate (updated one to follow shortly but same number). RE HEAT 7090 20201112 SMS NSW

Have a look at the Youtube Video sailing on Sydney Harbour.

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