ASBA Boat Profile

"One Eye Bandit" REO 7.7


Boat Name: One Eye Bandit

Boat Design: REO 7.7m

Owner: Bill Young

Crew: Bill, Chris Purkiss

Sail Maker: Doyle Sails

Owners comments to ASBA: Bill Young’s new boat, One Eye Bandit, is the second of the Andrew York design REO 7.7m boats to be built. Built in Turkey in 2019, it was shipped over with Andrew’s boat REO Speedwagon. Kept at Lake Macquarie Yacht Club, Bill has been doing the regular weekend races and he’s loving how quick the boat is. In 10 to 15 knots he gets 7.6 to 8.4 kn upwind and easily 15 kn off the breeze on a regular day.

“The best part is when we round the top mark I say ‘see you later mate’, because nothing can get us. We just storm downwind,” he said.

Bill and Chris have sailed 16’s over many decades and know it will take them a good two years to learn to sail the boat fast. One thing is for sure, they are going to love every minute of it.

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