ASBA Boat Profile

"K8" K8


Boat Name: K8 

Boat Design: K8

Owner: Advanced Wing Systems

Crew: Bret Perry (BP or Exultant One to his listeners) and a mix of fellow Bar Karatians, Geoff Bonus - without him the world doesn't turn, Jez the systems specialist, Liz the organizer and motivator, Roo - the dutch naval architect, Jonno - the machine, TK - the legend himself,

Sail Maker: Elvstrom Sails (working sails) Doyle Sails (spinnakers)

Owners comments to ASBA: The K8 is the first sports boat in the world to be designed and built under the Advanced Wing System Semi Rigid Wing (SRW) mast and sail design. Advanced Wing Systems have just recently been advising to the New York Yacht Club American Magic 36th AC campaign as soft wings are being used. The SRW caught BP attention when he was involved with Katabatic Sailing in Valencia. They had tried the SRW on a Class Mini 6.5 (RG 650) with great success that has now evolved into new SRW rigs installed on boats like the Vison 440, 52 ft performance yacht and a Moth to name a few.

Bret and his K8 team will bring attention to the ASBA class with his SRW and his Bar Karate podcast with mates Nick Bice and Jordan Spencer.

“We are keen to have some fun sailing against the Sporties. We are a little less suited to the SMS rating however we are quick, so watch out especially downwind”.

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