ASBA Boat Profile

"Fly/Blue Sky" Viper 640


Boat Name: Fly/Blue Sky

Boat Design: Viper 640

Owner: Terry Riley

Crew: The Bundy Boys, Terry steering, Rob and Max

Sail Maker: Ian Short Sails

Owners comments to ASBA: Terry has been sailing this Viper 640 for the last four seasons. His sailing background ranges from Sabots,420s, 470s, – 14, 16, 18 and that’s not including offshore racing. With all that experience he is working to get local kids into the sail scene.

There is a good Sports Boat scene in Bundaberg that Terry and his buddy John have started with four Vipers out racing regularly.

“The only problem we’ve got in Bundaberg is getting kids involved in sailing. If we don’t the oldest bloke will drop dead before the young ones come through”

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