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The Australian Sports Boat Association (ASBA) is the association representing sports boat sailors in Australia. The Association is fully affiliated with Sailing Australia and aims to regulate and promote the racing of sports boats at regattas throughout Australia. Through the Australian Sports Boat Association, its members have the opportunity to shape the future of sports boat sailing in Australia.

The association was incorporated in 2007 and membership continues to grow with members in every state of Australia. The association represents a myriad of sports boats including Thompson 7’s, 750’s and 8’s, Elliott 7’s and 780’s, Stealth 7’s and 8’s, Sports 8’s, Melges 24’s, Magic 25’s, J70's and a host of other sports boat designs. A new wave of 6.5 meter boats are becoming prevalent including Shaw 650’s, Leech 6.5’s and Viper 640’s making racing very tight on line and handicap.

The aim of the Australian Sports Boat Association is to bring sports boats together to race under a single measurement based rating system that recognises the unique characteristics of sports boats including large sail area and light displacement.

Our members have chosen to sail sports boats as they continue to be one of the “best bang for buck” sailing classes in light displacement keel boats today. Our rules and eligibility are contained in the Australian Sports Boat Association Constitution.

The Australian Sports Boat Association has two categories of membership: Full and Associate Membership. Only owners or part owners will be able to be Full Members and for each sports boat only one full membership is available. Any other person may apply for associate membership for those wanting to support the fleet.

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